Best Bread Knives of 2022

6 Best Bread Knives of 2022

Best Bread Knives of 2022. We recommend three types of knives: a kitchen knife to complete most tasks, a paring knife for smaller jobs, and a serrated knife for pieces of bread and other delicate foods such as ripe tomatoes. Although cutting tomatoes and bread may appear to be a specialized task, there’s nothing that does the same with a serrated blade.

There’s a reason why the rough crust of a tomato can harm the edges of your favorite chef’s knife. And suppose you don’t maintain your knife’s sharpness. In that case, the same knife is likely unable to cut through a mature tomato without slamming the fruit.

Serrated knives, also known as bread knives, are excellent for setting cakes and cutting vegetables and fruits with hard skins like pineapple and butternut squash.

To find the top serrated knives available, We put many knives to the test both within the Kitchen Appliances Lab and in our home. They are used to slice through crusty loaves of bread such as sourdough and dense bagels, ripe strawberries, tender tomatoes, and even boxed cakes.

We analyzed how easily they were to cut through the hard and flaky outer layers and whether they damaged the soft interiors. We also ensured they didn’t break or squish the ingredients we used. The feel of the knife in our hands was crucial.

We focused on the blade’s size and whether it was versatile enough to be used daily with large and small items or was more designed for a particular task. After many years of testing, those are the knives that have stood the test of time to everyday use:

1 . Best Overall Bread Knife

Victorinox Fibrox 10-inch Bread Knife


We are awestruck by this Victorinox classic due to its flexibility: It can saw through the crusts of bread and bagels just as effectively as it cuts light strawberry and tomato slices. And if looks are important to you, be confident you’ll find that the edges on any things you slice are perfectly smooth and neat.

This knife is well-balanced, giving you great control over the task at your disposal. The stainless steel blades are slim and sharp. It is also bent, and its 10-inch length is the perfect length. The handle of Fibrox is soft, doesn’t slide across your hand, and provides an extremely comfortable experience.


  • NSF Certified
  • Non-slip grip
  • Flexible blade


  • May lose sharpness

2 . Best Value Bread Knife

Mercer Culinary Millennia 10-inch Bread Knife


Amazon’s Best Bread Knife it’s the Mercer Culinary Millennia. This easy serrated knife features an extremely sharp Japanese stainless steel blade. Because of the smooth handle gripping it without slipping is simple, making it a safer choice for cutting. 

Mercer Culinary Millennia glides through bread and soft fruits just like butter. It doesn’t need the same amount of effort. However, this knife’s more serrations, which are larger and deeper, offer little control and can result in thicker slices that may not have the perfect edges. But the Millenia is a great value for value. If you’re not too fussy about precision while cutting the crusty bread, the Millenia knife is a good choice.


  • Comfortable handle
  • Inexpensive
  • Medium weight


  • The handle gets sticky

3 . Easiest Bread Knife to Use

Wüsthof Classic 9-inch Double Serrated Bread Knife

In all the knife tests we’ve conducted throughout the decades, Wusthof consistently stands out as being ergonomic and well-balanced. These German-made knives are the top-tested standard, particularly in terms of design.

The Classic line features full tangs and riveted handles designed to conform to the shape of your hand. This allows for more precise cutting. The double serrations on this knife can help cut through flaky and crusty bread without tearing the interior.

They also produce the most smooth and thin slices of tomato. It’s not a bad idea to say that Wusthof’s cutting tools are stunning.


  • High carbon stainless steel and tempered up to 58 degrees HRC.
  • The 10” Super Slicer blade is long and slim with a rounded tip.
  • Very high initial cutting performance.


  • Initial handling was a bit difficult.

4 . Best Heavy-Duty Bread Knife

Dexter Outdoors 10-inch Bread Knife

Because of its sturdy light blade, you’ll have access to the Dexter bread knife for a lot more than just slicing deli bread rolls: It can do a great task in rough and tough tasks such as opening a honeydew melon or cutting roast beef.

While it might not provide the smoothest edge or be as comfortable in your hands as some other bread knives we’ve looked at, we believe it’s fine considering how flexible the blade can be (and its extremely affordable price).

The handle of the simple Dexter isn’t the most beautiful. Still, it’s not likely to slide around your fingers when you slice bagels and bread loaves, which is a good choice for security. 


  • easily cuts


5 . Sturdiest Bread Knife

Shun Cutler Premier Bread Knife

A top Japanese knife manufacturer, Shun makes standout knives with super-sharp and thin blades that we use repeatedly. This knife comes with identical handles to the premier chef’s knife. It is a thick knife and comfortably fits within the palm of your hand, allowing you to grasp it easily.

It also has an edge slightly more robust than its counterpart in the Classic line, making it the top choice to cut through the most brittle bread loaves. Our tests showed we could employ our bread knife slice through sourdough kept out for several days (an amazing feat! ) and thin pieces of ripe tomatoes. It is also a beautiful Damascus blade that is beautiful to see.


  • Wide serrations
  • Super sharp
  • Comfortable grip


  • Expensive

6 . Best Adjustable Bread Knife

Tojiro Bread Slicer

Best Bread Knives of 2022

Similar to Shun knives, Tojiro knives, like Shun knives, are Japanese, which means they’re thinner and more suitable for delicate foods. This knife with a serrated wooden handle provides a great grip. It allows a flexible way to maneuver around strangely shaped food items, such as melons. 

It’s also good for making soft, fluffy desserts and cutting through tender meats’ skin without breaking. It’s got a five-star rating on Amazon, and reviewers have commented that they’ve used it for a long time, and it’s sharper than the day they purchased it. This is made from high-carbon steel and is expected to last for a long time and maintain its edge.


  • Pointy edges
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive design


  • Feels flimsy

What is the best bread knife?

  • Length: We think the ideal length is around 10 inches. This is enough to traverse the round loaf of sourdough that is crusty or an entire melon in one simple slice. Our kitchens prefer a shorter serrated knife to cut small things such as tomatoes.
  • Serrations: We observed that the most efficient bread knife blades feature smaller, more pronounced serrations and sharp tips that are extra-pointy. Double serrations (usually small and large) smaller) assist in cutting through the crusty bread with soft interiors. At the same time, rounded serrations are ideal for delicate and soft bread such as Challah.
  • Form: Most serrated knives are straight. However, some come with an angled blade, while others have an offset design to place the blade below the handle. We recommend using straight or curving blades (a curve could make it easier to slice by rocking and give an extra knuckle clearance).
  • Handles, like all knife bread knives, bread knives may come with either plastic or wooden handles of different kinds. The finish of the handle will determine the quality. Wooden handles may be rough to the touch. The handles made of plastic usually provide stability and are ideal in messy (in this case, juicy!) jobs.
  • Sharpening and replacement: Sharpening and replacement: It’s unlikely that you’ll need be able to sharpen the knife on your bread as you’ll not use it nearly the amount of time as your chef’s knife. However, should you feel it requires it, we suggest taking the bread knife you have to an expert sharpener. Make sure to change your bread knife every year or so if you can sustain the usage.

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